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Space Lander is a 2D flight simulator, where the player must travel between planets, as part of the human space exploration; but before dreaming about fighting aliens and save the galaxy, you need to start with the basics: Land in other planets without crash and become space dust…

The biggest challenges in this game are in all the atlas about the sideral space: different gravity levels and the lack of friction in space, more than enough to disorient some first-travel astronauts. Besides that, floating in space dodging planets and asteroids, to land inside some hidden mazes (all that driving a ship that can’t take any damage) gives to the player the challenging experience of travel inside the space fighting against… the space.

Some awesome features

  • 21 stages with two parts: Travel and Land.
  • A tutorial (you will need at least one friendly voice when you are alone into the void)
  • Epic 8 bits soundtrack!
  • Extremely frustrating challenges and infinite lives to revive each one of your failures as a cosmonaut!

This game was made for a international GameJam ( where the rules are make games with technical and aesthetic limitations of a Game Boy (like the number of colors or screen resolution, for example) and, this is the polish version of the prototype including more levels and a tutorial.


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