Vortex Game Studios is a small indie game studio, located in São Paulo, Brazil, founded in 1998 by Alexandre Ribeiro de Sá and Yuri Ficher.

In the first years, Vortex have developed solutions for entertainment market, such as Digital Jukeboxes.
In 2000, the company has decided to focus exclusively in the game development market, creating games for PC’s.

Currently, our goal is to develop original video-games for major gaming platforms available, PC, mobile phones and tablets.

Vortex also creates development and productivity tools for game developers, and provide outsourcing services for the creation and development of electronic games and assets.

We also develops custom electronic microprocessed solutions for entertainment market, radio communications and many other fields of applications.

Our team consists of engineers, developers, artists and experts in administrative talking to keep all this people working and creating state of the art projects!

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